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Re: ideas for Google Summer of Code

From: Anthony W. Youngman
Subject: Re: ideas for Google Summer of Code
Date: Sat, 31 Jan 2009 10:25:02 +0000
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In message <address@hidden>, Graham Percival <address@hidden> writes
It has to be noted that this sort
of "instrument physics" application is actually useful even if one
renders to normal scores rather than tabulature.  It would also be nice
to get fingering indications from a reasonably programmable strategy, so
that one can have most of the fingerings of a fully spelled out finger
exercise autogenerated, inserting only hints where things would
otherwise go wrong.

Err... you're suggesting that lilypond should attempt to fix
orchestration mistakes by inexperienced composers?

That's not a terrible idea -- IIRC Sibelius and Finale already
have something like that built-in -- but it doesn't belong in the
main lilypond code.  I'd recommend writing a separate tool, using
python or something like htat.

My only worry with that is how easy it would be to get right ... How do you specify a range :-)

I play the tenor Trombone (as I'm sure you know :-). The lowest note a standard Bb Trombone can play is e,, (actually, it's probably a bit higher than that...) and from there up to bf,, The next note that's playable is e, everything inbetween is missing. And what's the highest note? It's accepted as being bf' but I regularly see c'' and d''.

And (changing octaves) that's true of any brass instrument. But then you add the optional trigger(s) or 4th valve, and the range of notes expands dramatically ...

You have to take three ranges into account for what is nominally the same instrument - and each of those ranges is actually several different ranges - (1) the notes the instrument is capable of, (2) the nominal range a competent player can play, and (3) the actual range a good player can play. And (3) can give you some very unusual results...

Anthony W. Youngman - address@hidden

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