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Re: Discourse on the Consumption of Dog Food

From: Maximilian Albert
Subject: Re: Discourse on the Consumption of Dog Food
Date: Wed, 4 Feb 2009 19:03:19 +0100

> If the instructions are
> unclear, misleading, or just plain wrong, so much the better --
> this will force us (by "us" I mean "the main developers") to fix
> the CG.

Just a few random nitpicks so far (I haven't read the whole thing, though):

- The last word in 7.3 must read "ineffective" instead of "inefective".
- In the third item in 7.4.11 it should be "E.g." instead of "Eg"
after the first sentence.
- In the fourth item in 7.4.11, is the call to message() really
correct? Shouldn't 'Calculating line breaks...' also be surrounded by
quotation marks?
- In the second item on p. 25 in 7.4.11 two closing parentheses are
missing after "warning (out of tune:"
- Just as a thought, since you mention grep in section 7.3.2 you might
just as well add a comment that -i can be helpful if you're unsure
about the capitalization of function names.

And a bit less nitpicky: In 7.5.4 it should be mentioned where
.gdbinit files need to be placed in order to make them work.

Great work everyone! I'm looking forward to when the CG will be fully
fleshed out.


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