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Re: tempoMark - documentation and use

From: Anthony W. Youngman
Subject: Re: tempoMark - documentation and use
Date: Sun, 10 May 2009 23:43:08 +0100
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In message <address@hidden>, Carl D. Sorensen
<address@hidden> writes
>On 5/9/09 4:21 PM, "Anthony W. Youngman" <address@hidden>
>> So - is there a function that combines stencils? Or where can I find the
>> code for \default (I did look ...) so I can try and write a defaultPlus
>> function that takes a string argument ... I found the LSR example that
>> combines the rehearsal mark with segnos, codas etc but that looks an
>> awful palaver...
>There is a function that combines stencils:
>(ly:stencil-add stencil-one stencil-two)
>There are also functions (stack-stencils axis dir padding stils) and
>(stack-stencils-padding-list axis dir padding-list stils)
>You can find these functions in
>lily/ (which is only available in the source code, but
>can be found at the git repository if you don't have the source code on your
Thanks again, but now I've tried to use this ...

I'm assuming that \default and \markup return stencils, but I don't seem
to be able to pass them to stencil-add.

Reading the manual, I tried the following two:#

stencilAdd = #(define-music-function (parser location stencila stencilb)
(ly:stencil? ly:stencil?)
        stencil-add stencila stencilb

#(define (combineStencils stencil-a stencil-b)
        stencil-add stencil-a stencil-b

which seem to compile fine (and I get the impression they're actually
identical, just defined differently :-) But both of them object when I
try to pass them any arguments. I get "unexpected \default" or
"unexpected \markup" or "unexpected STRING" or whatever ...

\stencilAdd { \default \markup "Little Bird, Little Bird" }
\combineStencils \markup "123" \markup "abc"
\combineStencils  "123"  "abc"

E:/Documents and Settings/Anthony/My Documents/My
Music/lilypond/Concert/_ManOfLaMancha/ error: syntax
error, unexpected STRING
\combineStencils  "123
                      "  "abc"

Am I wrong in thinking \default and \markup return stencils? Or what's
going wrong? It seems clear to me that I'm not passing in what's
expected to the function, but, to my (very limited) understanding, it
all appears correct...

Anthony W. Youngman - address@hidden

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