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lilypond and Wikipedia

From: Frank Braun
Subject: lilypond and Wikipedia
Date: Mon, 11 May 2009 16:49:42 +0000 (UTC)
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Playing music as an amateur and using occasionally typesetting I discovered
Lilypond some years ago. And I used it with increasing enthusiasm. I'm writing
music/math/computer science occasionally in Wikipedia too.

Math is no problem because with TeX there is a tool which exceeds expectations.
But writing  music in wikipedia means generating  pictures uploading them and
the correction of little errors in notes ist a cumbersome process.

So I started a thread in
only to learn that this wish has been online since 2004 in

This thread seems to unite only musicians who have no knowledge to develop
neither wikipedia tools nor lilypond interfaces to wikipedia. Since 2004
musicians do want a tool and occasionally wikipedians answer that some problems
(DoS attacks, time limitations...) have to be solved.

My question and my plea is: could a lilypond developer grasp the essential
points of the discussion in
(I know its very long and boring to read in the whole)
and tell the real responsible people of wikipedia (tim starling) if the problems
of an integration of lilypond into wikipedia can be solved and how this could be

Yours sincerely

Frank Braun

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