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Re: DOCS: include a sample "Makefile"?

From: Jonathan Kulp
Subject: Re: DOCS: include a sample "Makefile"?
Date: Fri, 15 May 2009 12:42:41 -0500
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Anthony W. Youngman wrote:
In message <address@hidden>, John Mandereau <address@hidden> writes
address@hidden a écrit :
If you use GNU extensions, then here's the Makefile I generally use,
to convert everything in the current directory.

Your makefile is certainly useful for many pruposes, but it doesn't take included files into account: it will try to build those who have a .ly extension, which may do nothing at best (when there is no \score block or toplevel music expression) or crash at worst (if some included files rely on the fact that some variables are already defined in another file which is included in some higher level file); it will also ignore any dependencies on included files not named *.ly or in other directories, which is a bit annoying for a makefile. Maybe we should recommend naming included files with extension .ily rather than .ly in the LM, e.g. in "Suggestions for writing LilyPond files"?

My lily files all start with an identifier as to what sort of file they are. So all of my notes are in a file. The actual part definition that produces the pdf is in a file. So I could just use "part*.ly" as my wildcard for the files I actually wanted make to run on.

That's an alternative to creating a new .ily extension, though that is a good idea - it would make it a lot harder to run lily on a file that wasn't meant to be done stand-alone :-)


I use a similar convention to this, Anthony, calling notes files "", while the score for same is called "" and is stored in a different directory. I note that Nicolas Sceaux uses .ily extensively.

Does anybody object if I add the .ily extension to the filetype.vim code in AU 2.2.2 "Vim mode"? And besides that, to the actual filetype.vim file in the sources? I always have to add *.ily manually to my filetype.vim file to get proper highlighting.

Jonathan Kulp

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