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Re: LSR 2.12

From: Valentin Villenave
Subject: Re: LSR 2.12
Date: Tue, 19 May 2009 18:20:18 +0200

2009/5/19 Jonathan Kulp <address@hidden>:
> In a thread a few weeks ago I posted results from converting and running all
> of the snippets with LP 2.12. Only one or two wouldn't compile.  In fact I
> think the ones that didn't work right also don't work right currently on
> LSR. One of the snippets that failed was broken by a convert-ly rule, which
> has since been fixed (the \octaves scheme macro was messed up when
> convert-ly thought it was an \octaveCheck.)

Yes, I remember. We should also have a look at all the snippets that I
tagged as 'version-specific' a while back, since most of them
demonstrated hacks that have been implemented of corrected in Lily
since then.

> IMO the snippets are about as ready as they'll be.

I agree.

Seba has answered that the tarball *is* up-to-date. Regarding the wiki
thingy he says the engine can be adapted, but the current input format
is more convenient as it forces people to be more precise and
accurate. He seems, however, to be ready to work on rewriting the PHP
side; since this is a topic I suck at, I'd rather have someone with a
clue take on.


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