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Re: centering of instrument names

From: Neil Puttock
Subject: Re: centering of instrument names
Date: Sat, 23 May 2009 23:38:26 +0100

2009/5/23 Joe Neeman <address@hidden>:

> If I understand this correctly, you're suggesting that we pad each
> instrument name according to the largest (wrt X-extent) SystemStartXXX.

That's basically it, though the extent would be that of the greatest
number of stacked delimiters: for example, in the Haydn snippet, the
combined extents of the SystemStartBar, Bracket and Brace in Violins I
& II.

> Would this allow the attached layout (stolen from Valentin's bug
> report), where the "Timpani in D, A" line is nicely centred, but it
> slightly overlaps with the brace below it?

A similar effect could be achieved by setting a negative value for
'padding (see attached image), though it might be better to allow the
option of ignoring the extra padding (or reverting to the current
behaviour with side-support-elements).  It's precisely issues like
this which prompted me to send a proof-of-concept patch first.


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