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Re: Better MIDI

From: Hans Aberg
Subject: Re: Better MIDI
Date: Tue, 2 Jun 2009 22:38:08 +0200

On 2 Jun 2009, at 01:29, Peter Chubb wrote:

 I've put up a page on how to get more realistic sounding MIDI output
from current LilyPond, along with the scripts and scheme code used, at

(Isn't there a timing problem at the second triplet?)

If it is possible to do it, it might be great to be able to do the timing on per note and note-group basis - for interpretation and also generating feedback on what values to choose.

Also, the typesetting program has a cool feature where notes written with equal time can be swinged. - Some guys on the Usenet newsgroup found this feature great for experimenting with.

 ...I'd also like to do something about trills and turns with
 alterations, and do a better calculation for trill duration.

One problem with those is that in LilyPond code one does not write them in the diatonic note system, as the other notes, but only graphically.


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