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Re: GUB on kainhofer: still cross/gcc

From: Anthony W. Youngman
Subject: Re: GUB on kainhofer: still cross/gcc
Date: Thu, 4 Jun 2009 10:46:29 +0100
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In message <address@hidden>, Reinhold Kainhofer <address@hidden> writes
Am Sonntag, 31. Mai 2009 21:22:41 schrieb Jan Nieuwenhuizen:
Op zaterdag 30-05-2009 om 22:46 uur [tijdzone -0700], schreef Graham

> Any more tips?  I'd really like to get this working so I can make
> releases.

Oh, you can also try to not waste your hardware resources and confuse
softwary by just installing 64 bits ;-)

No, he can't, because it's my server, and I won't do any reinstall in the near
Initially, I wasn't even aware that the server has a 64 bit CPU (and even if I
were, back then I didn' t have enough trust in the 64bit OS releases), so it
was set up with kubuntu 32bit.
And even now I would set it up with 32bit again, since I don't want to build
all my custom packages twice (I'm managing more computers than just that
server). Also, given my experience with creepy bugs in Korganizer, caused by
64bit versions of libraries and other incompatibilities, I still don't trust
64bit OSes enough to install it on a production server.

I think that's a pretty usual setup (most people I know have a 32bit version
of Linux installed on their laptop even though their CPU is actually a 64bit).

Note also, that running 32-bit on a 64-bit system can OFTEN be a performance WIN, so you DON'T want to upgrade "just because you can".

The main reason for upgrading to 64-bit is to make efficient use of memory above 4Gb. If you can then run 32-bit apps over a 64-bit OS, that'll often be the best combination, as the binaries are smaller, are more likely to run from cache, etc etc.

So, in short, if you have less than 4Gb ram, you should probably stay 32-bit. Even if you have more, is the gain worth the pain? Often it isn't.

Anthony W. Youngman - address@hidden

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