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Re: First release of ly/

From: Marc Hohl
Subject: Re: First release of ly/
Date: Tue, 07 Jul 2009 09:56:48 +0200
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Joe Neeman schrieb:
On Tue, 2009-06-23 at 12:53 -0600, Carl D. Sorensen wrote:
Line 237: \layout {
It seems to me that we have 3 versions of tablature now: the "default"
version in, the version that appears if the user
includes "" and the "full" version that the user gets by
including and using the tabFullNotation. Is there a reason
for keeping the old versions in Perhaps we should
scrap them altogether and require that the user include in
order to get tabs.
The current structure comes because I suggested we keep the default the
same, so that we wouldn't break all of the existing tablatures.  But Marc
wanted to have TabNumbersOnly be the default (and that's why it's
implemented that way in

The tabFullNotation is probably almost the same as that in

If we don't mind breaking previously existing scores, then we can go ahead
and change the initialization to numbers only.

I don't particularly mind breaking existing scores (as long as there is
a convert-ly rule to at least warn about the problem), but I don't think
the situation in the patch is particularly friendly. We've a long
tradition of choosing sensible behaviour over backwards compatibility
and I see no reason to change it now.

I am not sure whether I understand your comment correctly.
What should I change to make the patch more "friendly"?

Some users called for changing the initial behavior of tablature
because they are using a combination of normal staves and tablature,
and in this situation, only numbers are shown.

To be backwards compatible with older scores, we finally came to the conclusion that it would be best to enable the new settings by including "".
On the other hand, for small snippets and stuff it is convenient to use
the \TabFullNotation, which has the advantage of displaying glissando lines
correctly and offers a double stemmed half note.

I don't know whether users have typeset much tablature scores in the past,
so I cannot decide about the right behavior concerning backwards compatibility. Personally, I think tablature was not used very often (or at least heavily hacked to fulfil the needs of the users) due to the lack of important features which we are about to support in future versions - so establishing the \TabFullNotation as the (improved) standard in and getting rid of this command will not
be a serious break, as far as I can see.



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