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[PATCH] Annotations for horizontal spacing (Issue #682)

From: Neil Puttock
Subject: [PATCH] Annotations for horizontal spacing (Issue #682)
Date: Mon, 2 Nov 2009 00:57:07 +0000

Hi everybody,

I've posted a preliminary patch here,

which adds support for annotating the paper variables listed in issue #682:


Attached is an image produced by the following snippet, which should
give you an idea of how it looks so far:

\relative c' {
  c1 \break

\paper {
  left-margin =  20\mm
  right-margin = 15\mm
  horizontal-shift = 10\mm
  short-indent = 10\mm
  annotate-x-spacing = ##t

While it's still in the embryonic stage, I'd appreciate any comments
you might have.

Here are my thoughts on a few aspects of the current patch:

-) I've split annotate-spacing into separate vertical and horizontal
options, mainly due to regression test requirements (I'm thinking
mainly of Michael's new margin support, where vertical annotations
would get in the way); a simple convert-ly would cover changing

-) Since horizontal-shift is rarely used, and violates the usual
margins, I've decided to hide it unless set.

-) The annotations are currently positioned with paper-width as the
baseline, translated three-quarters of the way down a page.
Naturally, this is going to collide with systems depending on where
they're placed on a page.

-) indent and short-indent might be better off placed before systems.

-) For simplicity, the current annotation procedure
(annotate-y-interval) has been altered slightly so it can produce both
x- and y-annotations.  Unfortunately, this means that the centred
labels on horizontal annotations sometimes run off the page
(particularly left- and right-margin with small or default margins).


Attachment: annotate-x.png
Description: PNG image

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