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Re: CGI interface to lilypond

From: Ichiro Watanabe
Subject: Re: CGI interface to lilypond
Date: Tue, 10 Nov 2009 22:50:43 +0900

> For an individual person, lilypond-book can already process html
> files, so there is nothing extra needed.

Thank you.
I think I didn't explain myself very well.
My goal is to embed the lilypond source in HTML source. Something like this

This is my new song: <img
src="localorpublic/cgi-bin/lilypondmagic.cgi?\relative c { \clef bass
c d e c }">

My understanding from

is that lilypond-book by itself does not work like this and it not
support this - a wrapper CGI application is required.
To prove how this can work with LaTeX (and a CGI wrapper called
mathtex), load this into your browser.

This is my new theorem: <img

> If you want to have it for a multi-user situation like a wiki,
> then search for "lilypond wiki" or "mediawiki" or similar terms on
> the mailist; it has been discussed before.

This is slightly off-topic, but for everyone's benefit, this is what I
know about the MediaWiki situation.
An unsecure extension is available here

This works fine for private (intranet) wikis and for public wikis that
are not notable enough to be subject to DoS attacks.
For bigger, public wikis (notably Wikipedia), someone has implemented
a secure, generic framework that renders music and other stuff

My understanding is that development is almost done, but the project
is currently on a hiatus.


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