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Re: Code formatter

From: Chris Snyder
Subject: Re: Code formatter
Date: Fri, 13 Nov 2009 11:35:33 -0500
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Graham Percival wrote:
I know that you're thinking "this is ridiculous", but unless
somebody does it, newbies will continue to face this difficulty.
This job won't get done by itself.

Yes, I do think it's ridiculous. As I understand, you're saying, "go find a tool that makes the code conform to a standard we haven't defined yet."

I've found such a tool. I'm sure it's already installed on all of the developers' machines. For more information, run "man cat". Windows users can probably use "type" instead.

Why should I (or anyone else) spend so much time wrangling with a formatting tool to get it to comply with what I think the standard is (or should be), only to be told, "Sorry, that standard isn't acceptable"? Shouldn't the standard be set first? If so, I contend that, as Bertalan says, "Someone, a lead architect should decide upon rules." I feel I'm already being pretentious - imagine me trying to tell Han-Wen and Jan how to format their whitespace.

Again agreeing with Bertalan, I think we need some fascism here. I don't see how this will ever be accomplished via a "grassroots" effort.


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