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Suggestion: Music analysis in Lilypond?

From: Ernir ÓskarPálsson
Subject: Suggestion: Music analysis in Lilypond?
Date: Wed, 18 Nov 2009 01:14:35 +0000 (UTC)
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Dear developers,

I have recently found Lilypond, and am discovering step by step what a wonderful
program it is, and what a quick and simple method to print beautiful music it
presents (once I am a little more acquainted with it at least).

I have been learning the basics og the program through writing up and completing
my musical analysis assignments (am currently studying Musicology)
The figured bass tool (or is it called context?) has been terrific to use, and
leaves me wanting more:
Would it be possible to make a similar tool (or perhaps even more similar to the
Chordnames thing), where you can simply write harmonical analysis; that is
either the functional system (T S Sp D7 etc.) and/or the "Schönberg/Hindemith"
type with roman numbers (I IV ii V7 etc.)? 
The variants (bassnote-numbers, Dominant of Dominant, tonic-free chords,
french/German/Italian chords etc.) could propably be implemented in a similar
way as in the figured bass (?)

I hope I am not wasting your time, I realize lots of people must have thought of
this and perhaps there is some way to write it that I have yet to find out (like
I said I am new at this, and less than worthless at programming). 

If you like the idea, however, an implementation in a future update would be
otherwise, keep up the good work!!

Thankful regards,

Ernir Pálsson

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