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Re: Restrict number of pages of output

From: Harmath Dénes
Subject: Re: Restrict number of pages of output
Date: Thu, 19 Nov 2009 11:01:56 +0100

On 2009.11.18., at 19:43, Alexander Kobel wrote:
> And I suppose this is already all you can hope for. The page-break algorithm 
> takes everything in account, AFAIK, so it's impossible to know where the 
> first page ends without typesetting the whole score.
> Of course, you don't have to output it, but the most time-consuming step 
> probably is the positioning of all elements, which has to be done.

I'm aware of this, but there are cases where e.g. the storage size of the 
output files is constrained.

> Unless you have a \pageBreak after the first page - but then you know the 
> number of measures there, and can use \set Score.skipTypesetting (same link 
> to the manual).

Yes, but I want to control this when calling lilypond, so that's why I thought 
an internal program option would be a good candidate.


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