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Re: Fixing spelling errors in documentation

From: John Mandereau
Subject: Re: Fixing spelling errors in documentation
Date: Tue, 24 Nov 2009 22:34:12 +0100

Hi Carl,
Le mardi 24 novembre 2009 à 14:15 -0700, Carl Sorensen a écrit :
> I've done a git grep for ukelele, and found the misspelling existing in de/
> es/ and fr/ notation/fretted-strings.itely.  I'm happy to fix it in all of
> those, and I think I should do so.


> I have read the CG, and I'm not sure if I should fix the misspelling in
> Documentation/po/*.po.

Sure.  I wouldn't be as affirmative if the change was on po/*.po.

> If I do change the .po files, I think that I should allow the translations
> meister to do the make *-update work.

If you do a blind sed substitution even on .po/.pot files, it will avoid
that po-update marks the translation of the changed string as obsolete —
the spelling is correct in most translated strings.


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