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Re: Cannot make doc

From: Francisco Vila
Subject: Re: Cannot make doc
Date: Sun, 6 Dec 2009 19:37:49 +0100

2009/12/6 John Mandereau <address@hidden>:
>> *** Can't open ./out-www/learning/ for writing: Is a directory
>> Documentation/./out-www/learning/
> I got this too (but only in my working tree) while fixing
> and lilypond-texi2html.init.  As a result,
> Texi2HTML now bombs out on incorrect node names that comes from the xref
> maps; however, this should not happen with current
>, so I guess you have stalled .xref-map files
> in your build tree, remove them with
> rm -rf TOP-BUILD-DIR/out-www/xref-maps
> to force their regeneration.

I have rm-rf'ed completely out* and Documentation/, then reset them
hard, and still

   *** Can't open ./out-www/learning/ for writing: Is a directory,

after 41 min of compilation.

Francisco Vila. Badajoz (Spain)

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