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From: Graham Percival
Subject: AUTHORS list
Date: Tue, 8 Dec 2009 08:42:12 +0000

The AUTHORS / THANKS list is now in
Documentation/web/basic-authors.itexi.  (I'm considering moving it to
a more central location such as Documentation/included/ )

For the THANKS file, we have a policy that people listed as Developer
aren't listed in the Contributors section.  However, what should we do
about people who are now Developers, but who were merely Contributors
in the past?  Should we continue to list them in the "previous
contributors" section, or remove those once they become developers?
(I favor removing somebody from Contributors once they become a Developer)

Also, could everybody check:
- are you listed as doing the stuff you're doing?
- do you want a website or email address listed?  (currently, we just
took the addresses from the old authors page, but some people might
have forgotten that they had their email addy on that page)

I'll release 2.13.9 as soon as possible (i.e. whenever
extract_texi_filenames is fixed).  If you'd rather look at the nice
html output instead of the raw texinfo, you could wait for that.

- Graham

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