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Re: Alternative music font

From: David Kastrup
Subject: Re: Alternative music font
Date: Wed, 23 Dec 2009 09:50:15 +0100
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Marc Hohl <address@hidden> writes:

> Carl Sorensen schrieb:
>> Looks good to me.  I'd also like to see half-way between this attempt
>> and the first attempt, not because I think this is wrong, but because
>> I tend to find optimum settings by finding "not enough" and "too
>> much" and going between those two.
> Here you are!

If you cast this clef from iron and put it on a flat surface, it will
fall over to the right.  The low bowl is now moved to the left into a
position of imbalance.  The spine is more or less only straightened in
its lower part.  I have the feeling that the bottom of the bowl should
be a bit more to the right, maybe it needs to be narrower.  Possibly
straightening the spine should not be mostly done at the bottom, but a
bit more symmetrically.  If spine and bowl are connected by a hinge at
the top of the clef, the overall construct should be more or less in
(visual) equilibrium, with neither the spine part nor the suspended bowl
part falling to the left or right.

In other words: I have the feeling that the current changes are about
balancing the total of two imbalanced parts, where the parts themselves
may need a bit of care.

I am no font designer, so please don't take this as any qualified
analysis.  If it inspires you to try something for which you like the
overall result better, that's fine.  If not, that's fine too.  It's just
a bit of brainstorming, not more.

David Kastrup

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