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Re: New articulation character for half-open hi-hats?

From: Carsten Steger
Subject: Re: New articulation character for half-open hi-hats?
Date: Thu, 7 Jan 2010 20:59:41 +0100

>>> Is there a chance that you would consider this character for
>>> inclusion in LilyPond 2.13?
>> If Werner's OK with that, I'll open a feature request on the
>> tracker.
> Please go ahead.

a patch for the half-open articulation character is attached.

The character is designed to match the open articulation character.
Therefore, I have designed the character to appear at the same
vertical position as the "open" character.  Initially, I tried to do
this via the variable "padding" in the entry of scm/script.scm.
However, I couldn't get this to work.  The "half-open" character
always appeared higher than the "open" character, no matter what value
I used for "padding" (even negative values).  In the end, I set the
bounding box of the "half-open" character to the same extents as the
"open" character.  Thus, the slash of the character sticks out of the
bounding box by some amount.  Please let me know if I have missed
something obvious when I tried to use "padding".

I have also modified the example in the percussion section of the
notation reference manual to use the character since I've seen it
quite often in the drumming literature.  I hope this meets your

If you have any comments or requests for modification, please let me know.

Cheers, Carsten

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