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Re: Doc: LM: Reformat ly code. (issue1056041)

From: percival . music . ca
Subject: Re: Doc: LM: Reformat ly code. (issue1056041)
Date: Fri, 07 May 2010 10:47:14 +0000

Looks (mostly) good to me, other than the below 2 items.
File Documentation/learning/fundamental.itely (right):
Documentation/learning/fundamental.itely:1339: @c TODO: This extended
example (from here to the end of this node)
I don't want any commits to add TODOs to "finished" code; please move
this to your own personal todo list, or add an issue on the tracker for
Documentation/learning/fundamental.itely:2481: <<
There is *still* an indentation mistake here.  This is the third time
I've pointed it out -- do we disagree on the "two-space indents" rule?

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