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Re: Aligning single systems?

From: Karl Hammar
Subject: Re: Aligning single systems?
Date: Fri, 7 May 2010 17:09:44 +0200 (CEST)

> Hi, for theoretical work it often is necessary to write several short
> systems in one line, interspersed with text.
> I don't manage to have
> a) new systems continue aligned to the previous system in a line, like
> when doing
> b) to have interspersed text appear at useful height with relation to
> the surrounding score.
> An additional problem is when using lilypond-book: there is no baseline
> info for the included images, leading to additional nuisances when
> images are to be placed in-line.

With latex, I've done (see [1], for my tries):

The limit of the \emph{Medium} register in all female voices varies
from \INL{op31_fig4.eps}; as a general rule, however,
\INL{op31_fig5.eps} should be looked as the highest note.

But I have to hand-tune the \raisebox and the height.

> Would it be possible to have some Staff property, say, baseline-height
> that specifies a Staff line to be aligned with the baseline of
> surrounding constructs?  If it were #f, we'd get the old behavior, and
> of course only one Staff's baseline-height could be heeded within a
> StaffGroup.  This might not be easy to make work in lilypond-book, but
> at least for interspersed text and staffs all within Lilypond, it might
> help.

Good idéa!

What I would need is the total height, and the amount of space
below the staff,

The values are available in some form, since the notation manual
(for v2.13), sec. "4.6.1 Displaying spacing" demonstrates
 \paper { annotate-spacing = ##t }, where one can find numbers for
bottom-of-extent and extent-estimate.

As a workaround one could, if possible, set thoose two heights (with
margins) to fixed values, then you'd only have to hand-tune it once.

/Karl Hammar

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