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Re: Some engraver brainstorming (was: Following voices in chords?)

From: Kieren MacMillan
Subject: Re: Some engraver brainstorming (was: Following voices in chords?)
Date: Sat, 8 May 2010 05:06:09 -0400

Hi David,

> So how about the ultimate tweak: using a separate engraver?  We can't
> have overlapping slurs with a single engraver, for example.  But if we
> write something like
> <c( address@hidden( g> <address@hidden) f)>
> and use @1 with the scope of a tweak, and let it use the engraver of
> subvoice 1 (a subvoice having its own engraver copies that get to handle
> basic events just from its own subvoice), then it becomes possible to
> use parallel slurs in one voice.


> make no mistake: something like this is _needed_ all the time.


I have no idea whether this idea/implementation is technically feasible, but 
the gist is pretty cool!
Nice brainstorm.

Is there any way that this (or something similar) could handle other problems, 
like placing dynamics which are not attached to a note-column?
e.g. For a whole note with a crescendo starting on the second beat and ending 
on the third beat, I currently use

    << c1 \new Voice { s4 s\< s2\! } >>


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