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Re: Doc: NR: Using \partial with \repeat. (issue1136044)

From: n . puttock
Subject: Re: Doc: NR: Using \partial with \repeat. (issue1136044)
Date: Tue, 11 May 2010 20:43:19 +0000
File Documentation/notation/repeats.itely (right):
Documentation/notation/repeats.itely:159: If alternate endings are added
to a repeat that includes the
On 2010/05/11 02:37:54, Carl wrote:

(There should be a cross reference to the place in the Notation
Reference that
describes the use of measureLength, rather than explaining it here,

+1, though wherever it's discussed, `Timing' should be used instead of
`Score', in case a user's doing polymetric stuff (since the timing info
will be set in the Staff context).

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