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Re: imprecise Taktlinie in german doc (NR)

From: Henning Plumeyer
Subject: Re: imprecise Taktlinie in german doc (NR)
Date: Thu, 13 May 2010 10:46:30 +0200
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Am 12.05.2010, 23:36 Uhr, schrieb Maximilian Albert <address@hidden>:

Same here. :) Although in a rehearsal one would usually just say
something like "in Takt ..." instead of using a construction involving
Yes, right.

"Conductor: Again from bar five please.
Voice from back of viola section: But Maestro, we have no bar numbers."

would translate to:

"Dirigent: Nochmal von Takt fünf, bitte!
Stimme aus der Bratschengruppe: Aber wir haben keine Taktzahlen."


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