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Re: GUB and mipsel architecture

From: Boris Shingarov
Subject: Re: GUB and mipsel architecture
Date: Mon, 17 May 2010 18:36:14 -0400
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I'm wondering if it is worth having a mipsel package on
(when 2.14 comes out, maybe).
I'd be happy to do it, if I can. A chance to help and learn something
This should be discussed on -devel rather than -user.

I would be happy to build+include mipsel packages, as long as
somebody else modifies GUB to handle it, and they fix any breakage
in those packages.  If they stop GUB from compiling a release, I
would simply comment out the mipsel compilation and release the

However, cross-compiling is a fairly involved process and requires
a great deal of technical knowledge.  Don't expect much help,
because very few people have any experience with it.

The main question is, does anyone really want it done.

I did a lot of mipsel development in the past, so cross-compilation is not a problem, but it all comes to user value. A few months ago, I had a pressing request, from a real-life user for whom I do custom features in Lilypond, to produce Win32 builds, and I started looking at digging inside GUB; but when I presented to them an estimate of how many days it would take to have a functional GUB platform, it became clear that my time would be much wiser spent on actual Lilypond development (score layout functionality), rather than GUB, and that using Linux instead of Windows was not *that* unsurmountable a problem to justify potentially up to two weeks lost to GUB work.

So if one is about to do something with a real purpose (mipsel Lilypond appliance?? completeness of a distro??) I would expect many people with the right skills to be able to do it; on the other hand, as an academic exercise I personally would not find it the most attractive to jump on -- there are many other interesting problems to solve.

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