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Re: bounties

From: Graham Percival
Subject: Re: bounties
Date: Wed, 19 May 2010 15:51:42 +0100

(sorry, hit "send" by accident)

We have a bunch of items with "label:bounty".  Many come from more
than two years ago, so I'm not certain if bounty is still "open".  But
my initial guess is that the following ones are still valid:
ugly slur with key signature and linebreak
ugly collision slur and phrasing slur
%% Andrew Hawryluk offered CDN$50, which is currently worth 38 euro; I
think he's still good for this
%% Chris Snyder offered US$50, but I'm not certain if this is still open.

There's a bunch of "ease-of-use" items that have a standard "50 euro
or double an existing bounty" from Valentin.  Since I'm pretty certain
he's in the worst financial situation of any lilypond developer, I
personally would take this with a grain of salt.

There's a US$300 bounty for musicxml export, which is extremely low
given the work involved.

There's a EUR 400 bounty from Francisco and Valentin for a "better"
editor for windows to replace lilypad.  It's not quite clear what
people want to see that lilypondtool / Frescobaldi don't offer (other
than "comes with GUB").  I'd be cautious about this offer as well,
since it's not at all clear what they want, nor what we would be
willing to accept in GUB.

- Graham

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