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CG regtest info

From: Graham Percival
Subject: CG regtest info
Date: Thu, 27 May 2010 18:51:24 +0100

Adding info about the regtests to the Regression chapter is good.

- I'm not so certain about having relative @urefs{}, since they'll be
broken for the big-page output.  Either use @rweb{} to the Development
page, or a @uref directly to
- @example should have no indentation inside it.
- @footnotes are extremely discouraged, and/or forbidden
- use a @ref instead of @rcontrib for links inside the same document.
- are you going to mention the "make check" -type stuff?  That's the
most important, IMO.

... err... actually... shouldn't the "make check" stuff be the *only*
discussion about regtests here?  I mean, we do **not** want Bug Squad
members to be compiling anything; they should just check the latest
official online regtests.  If somebody wants to check to see if a
patch breaks anything, they'll want "make check" to automatically
compare stuff, not manually looking at the output of "make test",

- Graham

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