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[Request/Bounty] Tablature bends

From: Marc Hohl
Subject: [Request/Bounty] Tablature bends
Date: Sat, 24 Jul 2010 20:19:55 +0200
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Hello all,

after about half a year I have to admit that I don't have a) the time
and b) the programming skills to implement bends in lilypond[1]. Sorry.

Bends are important for guitarists, so I offer 75$ for this issue and
I am posting to the tablature list, because perhaps someone else there
is willing to donate some money too, to get this task done.

During winter 2009/2010, Carl and I discussed the syntax and implementation
details very intensively in about a dozen mails or so, and as things got
nailed down, I wrote a roadmap how the bend engraver and the tab note head
engraver have to be built/extended. There is also a file
which uses slurs to mimic bends - the graphic routines for bends are already there,
so I offer my help providing and explaining the roadmap. A skilled developer
should have no problems to code the new engraver and transform the graphic routines
into c++ code.

During the story, I got in touch with developers of tuxguitar, so I think
the whole bend story will make lilypond more attractive as a front end to
tuxguitar users and of course to professional music typesetters working on contemporary
guitar music.



[1] It was really hard for me to accept b), but to be honest, I still struggle with some basic concepts of c++ in combination with lilypond, which is *very* frustrating.

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