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Typos in English manual

From: Ralf Wildenhues
Subject: Typos in English manual
Date: Sat, 31 Jul 2010 10:04:17 +0200
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Hello LilyPonders!  (or is it ponderers? ;-)

I was just introduced to your nice piece of software art, so thanks!

I don't like typos, so find attached a patch (against git master) to fix
them in the English manual.  Tried to omit all controversial bits, but
just in case, I'd be happy to redo the patch.

The patch has not yet been tested!  I've encountered a segfault deep
within some guile call while building git lilypond, and will report back
if that turns out not to be an instance of PEBCAK.

For reviewing, I recommend using the --color-words option to 'git show'
or 'git diff' to avoid going insane.

If you are interested in more:  There are typos in the English part of
translated manuals; and I have fixes for spacing and abbreviations.  For
example, in texinfo, it is e.g.@: so that there is no extra long space
after the period.

I'll be sending a similar message for the German manual to the
translations list next.

Rationale for fixing typos in comments is that they tend to wander into
non-comment text over time through word completion.

Cheers, and please Cc: me on replies,

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