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Clarify infinity_f preprocessor definition. (issue2099043)

From: percival . music . ca
Subject: Clarify infinity_f preprocessor definition. (issue2099043)
Date: Mon, 06 Sep 2010 14:06:30 +0000

Reviewers: ,

I have another tiny clarity rewrite for code.

Clarify infinity_f preprocessor definition.

The old code confuses various style programs, including our own (it produces un-compilable code!).  In particular:
const Real infinity_f
= #ifdef
which makes gcc unhapy.

The new format is easy for style programs to deal with, still
compiles, and is IMO just as clear anyway.

Please review this at

Affected files:
  M flower/

Index: flower/
diff --git a/flower/ b/flower/
index 55537f8fa5d56296f473be106313e81ed87ca09b..20d8069669a6d0a6d709fb4c9d801826aba29cb1 100644
--- a/flower/
+++ b/flower/
@@ -3,11 +3,9 @@
 #include <cmath>
 using namespace std;

-const Real infinity_f =
 #ifdef INFINITY
+const Real infinity_f = INFINITY;
+const Real infinity_f = HUGE_VAL;
-  ;

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