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release plans

From: Graham Percival
Subject: release plans
Date: Wed, 22 Sep 2010 17:11:22 +0100
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Here's an update on the release plans.  These are not cast in
stone; if you have a thoughtful objection or suggestion, I'm
willing to change things.

1) 2.13.34, "alpha test" has been released.
2) website has been switched over.  At first glance, I think I can
close issue 1244 now, but I want to double-check and wait for
3) after 1244 is done, there's only one remaning Critical issue;

NB: I expect approximately 5 more regressions to be reported in
the next week.  Some of them might not be regressions in code that
worked deliberately.  Bug Squad (if you read -devel): add any
regression as a Critical issue; if a programmer points out that it
only worked by a fluke in the past and downgrades it to Medium,
that's totally fine.  That's how the system is supposed to work. :)

4) if a bunch of development has occurred but Critical issues
remain, I'll release 2.13.35 as a "second alpha test".  Repeat as

5) Once we have 0 Critical issues, I'll branch stable/2.14 from
master, and make a "release candidate" from that.  We now wait 2

Development can continue as usual on master.  The translation
meister can backport translation patches to stable/2.14 if he
wants; other people leave it alone.

6) if a Critical issue is reported, the clock resets.  Once we
have a bugfix, that gets backported to stable/2.14.  No other
changes to stable/2.14 occur[*].  I make a second release candidate,
and we go back to step 5.

[*] I'm willing to be flexible on this point -- we might prefer to
merge everything from master into stable/2.14, or cherry-pick
minor bugfixes and doc changes, or whatever.  But my initial
impulse is not to allow any non-Critical bugfixes, because I am
bloody sick of seeing the number 2.13 and any change could have
side effects.

- Graham

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