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Re: stupid question

From: Jean-Charles Malahieude
Subject: Re: stupid question
Date: Wed, 22 Sep 2010 22:26:14 +0200
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Le 22/09/2010 22:10, Graham Percival disait :

On Wed, Sep 22, 2010 at 9:02 PM, Jean-Charles Malahieude
<address@hidden>  wrote:
Before I go to bed, I would like to know what you mean with you commit
29bd6abd1 (Build: dist fix)
TRANSLATORS: would stop stop screwing up like this?  :/

As far as I remember, the extending manual has never been compiled since the
docs have been revamped, and there is just one translated node in
"programming interface" (Using Scheme code instead of tweak) that I have not
checked for long.

This commit:;a=commit;h=2fd29d6224d27c989d9bfab126dd7220fa4f0647

Put a file into: Documentation/fr/extending/

This was the first time a file had been put into that directory (I'm
sure you had to create the directory, but git doesn't track
directories).  When you did this, you:
- did not create a GNUmakefile.
- did not add that directory to the SUBDIRS of the GNUmakefile of the
higher-level directory.

As a result, the file was not included in the "make dist" targets,
which caused the dist-check to fail, which meant that I had to spend
another 30 minutes recompiling all the binaries before I could release

I was a bit inaccurate in that commit message -- I should have blamed
whoever merged the lilypond/translation branch, not necessarily the
translator.  I don't expect translators to know (or care) about the
odd aspects of our build system, but I *do* expect the translator to
know about this (at least, after I've yelled at him a few times).

Whenever a merge from lilypond/translation adds a new file to master,
be careful.  If it's adding another .itely file to a directory that
already has some, then there's no problem.  If it adds a .itely (or
.itexi) to a directory that *doesn't* have them, then you **must**
play around with GNUmakefiles.

- Graham

OK; many thanks for this clear explanation.

I'm sorry to have disturbed the build system. I was sure that since this notation's included filed had been moved to another manual in English, I just had to follow this re-affectation, not mention the container (directory) in the mother makefile and leave it as is until I begin to work on this manual.

Next time, I'll park such a file anywhere else on the disk...

Cheers, and good night,

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