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Re: names of vertical spacing dimensions

From: Alexander Kobel
Subject: Re: names of vertical spacing dimensions
Date: Tue, 12 Oct 2010 15:15:02 +0200
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On 2010-10-12 14:27, James wrote:
On 12/10/2010 12:54, David Kastrup wrote:
James<address@hidden> writes:
Why do we have
'top-system' but 'system-bottom' and not instead, 'bottom-system'?

Because there is no system after the bottom?


I'll stop if I am really showing my ignorance (I am not a code
developer), but from a user-point of view it would be much more
'logical' if the naming was split *consistently* into

What you are changing (system, markup, title etc) and where you are changing.

That's what I meant when I wrote after-title-spacing and before-title-spacing (as is) are good names IMHO. /But:/ The more consistent naming scheme is the new one; on this I agree with Mark, Carl, David, and some of the others.

All these variables describe vertical spacing, which means there is always a Foo above the space and a Baz below the space. Thus, foo-baz-space sounds fine, doesn't it? (This logic implies system-bottom-spacing, of course.) Of course, the user usually thinks of your three-divisioned scheme titling/headers, music, markups, but Lily's state of the art is that titling and top-level markups are the same. If we were to introduce this distinction as a separate, well, "object-taking-vertical-top-level-space" category, we'd have even more meaningful and understandable names; but this looks like it's /far/ out of the scope of this patch and discussion.

And as to "where you are changing": The settings just do not allow controlling the spacing independent of the subsequent element. That'd look like - similar to the (horizontal) space-alists for some grobs - the following, if I understand you correctly:
  after-staff-spacing = #'((Staff . ((space . 5) (stretchability 7)))
                           (Lyrics . ((minimum-distance . 7)))
                           (Markup . ((padding . 3)))
(Titling . ((space . 8) (stretchability 20) (minimum-distance . 8) (padding . 5)))) ... and so on. This looks theoretically possible, but to me it does not look better than the current approach. Rather worse: what if you want to change just a single entry? Rewrite the whole thing?

I see your point, but do you think it's worth it before GLISS?


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