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Re: font defects in scripts.varsegno and accordion.push

From: Carl Sorensen
Subject: Re: font defects in scripts.varsegno and accordion.push
Date: Tue, 19 Oct 2010 18:12:36 -0600

On 10/19/10 5:24 PM, "Werner LEMBERG" <address@hidden> wrote:

>>> Don't use `penstroke' but `fill'.
>> That was my thought, when looking at the glyph.  Find the
>> intersections, and draw the relevant paths for the entire outline
>> and subtract the relevant paths for the holes.
> This is probably overkill.  FontForge is quite good in doing this for
> you, provided the intersections are well defined.  `fill' is necessary
> because you can't exactly control the direction of the outline by
> using `penstroke'.

But if I change from penstroke to fill, using zkr to go along one side of
the penstroke, then zkl to go back along the other side of the penstroke,
and controlling the directions at each of the points on the glyph, I still
get the same grazing intersections as showed up in the glyph using

So I must misunderstand your comment.  Any clarification you can provide
would be welcome.



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