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Re: non-technical help for spacing issues

From: Jan Warchoł
Subject: Re: non-technical help for spacing issues
Date: Wed, 27 Oct 2010 16:57:29 +0200

> I got an error message so i try to post my mail without attachments...

> Graham Percival wrote:
> we could really use an advanced user (or developer) to help with
> tweaking the default values for the new spacing code.
> - desire to get 2.14 out the door, and a few hours of spare time.  I'd
> say 2-10 hours?
> - knowledge of tweaks (particularly "style sheets", aka \layout {
> \context {}}) stuff
> - knowledge of the old 2.12 spacing behaviour is a plus
> - familiarity with a moderately large body of scores (say, more than
> 10?) a plus.  This could either come from your own work, or mutopia,
> or whatever.
> - familiarity with git changelog messages and the mailing list
> archives is a plus.
> Basically, just try compiling your scores (and any problematic scores
> reported by users) with the new spacing code.  If/when something
> breaks, then make a \layout { \context{}} thing and change some
> overrides until it stops breaking.  Whenever you add an override,
> check that it doesn't break any of your other scores.  You'll want to
> do this as a separate \include file, of course.

I'd very much like to help with that, spacing issues are very important to me.
Unfortunately i must warn you that i have some problems with overrides, but i'll try to understand everything needed without asking questions; at least i'll try to describe solutions with words, maybe that'll help.

As for "familiarity with a moderately large body of scores" - i have only vocal scores, mostly short SATB choir pieces. If anoyne would provide me with some other scores, i'll experiment with them as well. And i'll take a look on mutopia.

Oh, and Valentin suggested that i should post two Hallelujah scores on this list:
The problems with the "bad" version, compiled with 2.13.35 default settings, are:
- distance between systems on first page is unnaturally big, especially compared to the next pages, 
- the last page is almost unbelieveably vertically crowded, especially compared with previous pages. Systems are not separated from themselves but form a big clump, this problem exists also in previous pages (to a lesser extent of course).
The "better" version illustrates how things can look better (i'll convert it from 2.12 to 2.13 as soon as i'll learn new spacing syntax).


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