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Re: Fix #888: Add ly:stencil-scale. (issue2275042)

From: Carl . D . Sorensen
Subject: Re: Fix #888: Add ly:stencil-scale. (issue2275042)
Date: Wed, 27 Oct 2010 18:39:30 +0000

On 2010/10/26 08:21:41, Mark Polesky wrote:

Well... Okay, yeah, but see this:

I'm the one that wrote the @var description there.  And yes,
the rationale is simplistic: "This improves readability in
the PDF and HTML output."  But I think Neil's impulse to
format it that way matches the spirit of the rationale, no?
And I certainly wouldn't be opposed to instituting the same
policy for A.17, though of course that would be best left
for a different patch than this one.

I think that wrapping a variable declaration in a code declaration is
undesirable.  It complicates the format of the documentation, for very
little benefit (if any).

If we want to change the format of @var{} in HTML and PDF format, we
ought to be able to do that in our texinfo program.

Or alternatively, we should get a different texinfo macro, e.g. @var{}
for outside of code, and @codevar{} for use inside of code.



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