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Re: non-technical help for spacing issues

From: Keith E OHara
Subject: Re: non-technical help for spacing issues
Date: Fri, 29 Oct 2010 21:04:26 -0700
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On Thu, 28 Oct 2010 05:13:03 -0700, <address@hidden> wrote:

There is now a small set of over-rides is posted on -user, vertical spacing 
only so far, hopefully to be tried out by others over the weekend :

On one thing might surprise -devel.

I assume one goal of the new vertical spacing was to allow graceful stretching of 
systems when ragged-bottom=#f (the default) -- including orchestral scores.  This 
goal cam up in the 'RFC' thread 
<> in the 
discussion of how professional scores stretch between the instrument groups.

Also, new system is supposed to replace the old "Two-Pass" vertical spacing, 
and the #'max-stretch option, both of which had the goal of spreading extra vertical 
space within systems in a graceful way. (But neither of which I learned to use.)

The mechanism to distribute space nicely is clearly there, but in order to 
handle orchestral scores with ragged-bottom=#f we need quite a bit more than 
the default 'stretchability' in two places :
   last-bottom-spacing #'stretchability = 120     % the last staff to the 
bottom of the page
   system-system-spacing #'stretchability = 240   % between systems

This has worked just fine on my test set, greatly reducing the unwanted 
stretching in small systems like piano staves (which I found to be too much) 
putting more space between Jan's choral systems, and setting both orchestral 
score and parts reasonably well.

I'll quietly wait for responses over the weekend, and try to finish up a 
checklist of which issues the adjusted defaults can at least mitigate.

P.S. you can get the include-files with (draft) justification comments over on 
-user, but for a snapshot, the only non-comment lines are the two \paper 
overrides above, and this in \layout :

\context { \Staff
   \override VerticalAxisGroup #'skyline-horizontal-padding = #1
   \override VerticalAxisGroup #'default-next-staff-spacing #'space = #11
   \override VerticalAxisGroup #'default-next-staff-spacing #'stretchability = 
   \override VerticalAxisGroup #'default-next-staff-spacing #'minimum-distance 
= #7
\context { \StaffGroup
  \override StaffGrouper #'after-last-staff-spacing #'space = #11
  \override StaffGrouper #'after-last-staff-spacing #'stretchability = #16
\context { \Lyrics
   \override VerticalAxisGroup #'inter-staff-spacing #'minimum-distance = 4.5
   \override VerticalAxisGroup #'non-affinity-spacing #'space = 5.5
   \override VerticalAxisGroup #'non-affinity-spacing #'minimum-distance = 4.5

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