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Re: (tuplet . around) causes regtests to fail to compile

From: Werner LEMBERG
Subject: Re: (tuplet . around) causes regtests to fail to compile
Date: Thu, 04 Nov 2010 06:28:40 +0100 (CET)

> Here's the short answer:

Thanks a lot for the detailed explanation!

> chain_callback () returns SCM_UNDEFINED if the property data being
> chained isn't a procedure or closure.  [...]

For me, this seems to be the right action.

> For TupletNumber, [...] since its positioning relies on the
> coordinates calculated for its parent TupletBracket (which of
> course, might not be typeset), it has no use for 'direction.  This
> results in ly:slur::outside-slur-callback simply returning the
> existing value.
> [...]
> -> making 'Y-offset a procedure prevents chain_callback () returning
> SCM_UNDEFINED (in fact, this is currently the only way to override
> 'Y-offset for TupletNumber if 'avoid-slur is set to 'around or
> 'outside: if 'check-internal-types isn't set, compilation naturally
> succeeds, but the value is discarded)

It looks like more than a single option is available to fix this:

  . Make TupletBracket provide a dummy direction for TupletNumber.

  . Provide a (dummy) default value for Y-offset.

Somehow I consider the latter as the better solution.  Or do you think
that this is a fundamental flaw which needs a more extended patch?


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