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Re: german doc patch, issue 1344

From: Till Paala
Subject: Re: german doc patch, issue 1344
Date: Mon, 15 Nov 2010 19:27:32 +0200
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Am 15.11.10 13:23, schrieb Francisco Vila:
2010/11/15 Marc Hohl<address@hidden>:

I don't have push privileges, sorry. But as this part of the docs
has been reworked, the english part of the patch wouldn't
apply cleanly.

Moreover, since the changes to the english docs have to be translated,
all there is to do is *not* to translate variable names in examples and code
in the future, as you mentioned above. So I think this patch can be dropped.
You are right, The section has changed, the patch is impossible to
apply and can be discarded.  Thanks anyway!

Wasn't it the same issue we had some week ago? Maybe my answer that the docs had changed was lost in space. I agree on not translating variable names in examples/codes in general. Especially in Learning we have some quite stable examples though, which have translated variable names like "strings=" etc. They are then accordingly translated also in @example environments. So far I have been translating also variable names in definitions (where they have been marked with @var{}). But if somebody encounters these and wants to correct them then patches are welcome. Surely they must never be translated if they are part of working examples. I will have an eye on it in the future.

Marc, if you have time to look at the present version of de/notation/spacing.itely (on lilypond/translation?) I have translated about half of the changes in the English docs. Is it OK now?


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