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Re: Line breaks in @file{} entries?

From: Jean-Charles Malahieude
Subject: Re: Line breaks in @file{} entries?
Date: Sat, 27 Nov 2010 12:21:57 +0100
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Le 26/11/2010 23:18, Carl Sorensen disait :
On 11/26/10 2:41 PM, "Trevor Daniels" wrote:
Carl Sorensen wrote Friday, November 26, 2010 6:43 PM
On 11/26/10 10:51 AM, "Valentin Villenave"
<address@hidden>  wrote:

Er, are you suggesting that
@file{this/is/a/very/long/path/towards/myfile.scm} should be
printed without a line break?

I am suggesting this.  I would much prefer to keep file paths on
one line as long as they fit.

Yes, /as long as they fit/, but fit into what?

I think the proposed 50 character limit is probably reasonable.

Hhm. Not sure. I think I'd prefer "more than three dashes or
slashes", if we are to do it that way, but really it depends
more on the total length of the name rather than the number
of dashes and slashes. I'd prefer "if the name is longer than
50 characters (say)". And if the name is too long then I'd
prefer to place a single optional break near to the middle,
so we don't get tiny fragments at the end or start of lines.

Both suggestions seem reasonable and easy enough to achieve.
(50 chars are really long, though.)

But a file name really *is* a single piece of information, so it
should be kept on one line.  If it's so long it won't fit on one
line, then we should decide where to break it, rather than having
it be done automatically at any slash.

Ideally, yes.  But who is going to look manually through all the
docs?  Better to do it automatically first, then fix up any that
stand out as poor when we notice them. Otherwise we might have some
names running over the right margin in 2.14.  Don't forget we've
now lost the ones that were done manually before - and some of them
/were/ correct.

I don't think we disagree here.  It appeared to me that Valentin was
thinking that 50 characters was too long.   I am arguing that 50
characters is an appropriate maximum length.  A typical optimum line
length appears to be 55-75 characters, so 50 characters is most of a
line.  I'd totally agree with breaking file names that are too long.
What automatic breaking algorithm would you propose for file names
longer than 50 characters?  The slash closest to the center?


Just one comment:

Don't forget that @file{how-do-you-feel-I-am-so-so} might not begin
on the same column with every translated version of the documentation.
I would therefore appreciate to have some consistency in the "splitting
allowance", or to let it dealt by translators.


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