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Re: Black mensural notation

From: Carl Sorensen
Subject: Re: Black mensural notation
Date: Fri, 7 Jan 2011 07:10:01 -0700

On 1/7/11 7:00 AM, "Lukas Pietsch" <address@hidden> wrote:

> On Fri, 2011-01-07 at 13:08 +0000, James Lowe wrote:
>> I ran this with 2.13.45 and it compiles with some warnings (see
>> attached zip of log file).
>> However, this is wonderful stuff!
>> Also your PDF is very informative and it would be nice to incorporate
>> this into our own Notation Reference at some point, if at all possible
>> - I can help with that if you need to.
>> James
> Thanks a lot! As for the warnings, I too was getting the "cannot align
> on self: empty element" ones, and found no way of getting rid of them.
> Maybe it's something to do with Lilypond not liking the way I removed
> the standard stems and flags, because it seems to be trying to align
> something with something else that isn't there, for each notehead it has
> to process. The "cannot find property type-check for `beatLength'" and
> `beatGrouping' warnings seem to be new. Were these properties recently
> renamed or something? They seemed to be a standard part of how bars were
> defined in the version I had.

beatLength and beatGrouping have gone away in 2.13.  They are replaced
(mostly) by baseMoment and beatStructure.

> As for how to proceed from here, I'm not quite sure, since "my" system
> now stands rather outside the normal architecture and its development
> process, and since consolidating it further would probably duplicate
> some of the work Pál has been doing on the white notation. Probably the
> most elegant thing would be if it was possible to merge some of the
> logic of my ligature processing (with the plicas, pes shapes and
> currentes) into the standard ligature engraver Pál has been improving?
> But for that, I'd need somebody to help me with integrating the black
> glyph primitives into the standard font system and make them accessible
> from the normal engravers. I can't say I've really understood much of
> that architecture yet.

I'd be happy to help you integrate the glyph primitives into the
standard font.  I'm not sure how much help I can be in the process of
integrating the glyph primitives into ligatures.



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