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Re: Microtonal key signatures fix

From: Benkő Pál
Subject: Re: Microtonal key signatures fix
Date: Fri, 25 Feb 2011 11:18:01 +0100

>> huh, I understand less and less.  I'll try this example;
>> my meantone tests are not crashing, they produce
>> correct MIDI (at least it sounds correct - I didn't think
>> MIDI has a concept of key signature); the signature
>> is missing from the score, though.
> If the key signature is missing from the score, it suggests
> the scale it's based on wasn't scaled to give the new
> tuning.  So the correct alteration doesn't exist.
> Yes, there's a key signature in MIDI.  It looks something
> like FF5902FF for F major (1 flat) or FF590201 for G major
> (1 sharp).

oh, interesting.  but that makes the pieces of informations
fit together!

>> Graham sent me an example, but 2.13.51 couldn't
>> compile it.  I want to work on that too.
> That's a shame.  I'm way behind in my versions, but I
> didn't think anything that was working was going to break.
> This code for key signatures has always worked:
>        \set Staff.keySignature = #(scale-key-sig '((6 .
>        -1/2)) tuning)
> Without the function, something like
>        \set Staff.keySignature = #'((6 . -12/31))
> It avoids trying to send the key signature to MIDI.

ok, thanks!  I think now I understand the issue:
MIDI signature must be a conventional one in equal
temperament - is this true?  then your patch is
obviously ok.


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