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RE: Script priority and vertical ordering of scripts on chords

From: James Lowe
Subject: RE: Script priority and vertical ordering of scripts on chords
Date: Tue, 31 May 2011 11:21:34 +0000


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)Behalf Of Nick Payne
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)To: Carl Sorensen
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)Subject: Re: Script priority and vertical ordering of scripts on chords
)On 28/05/11 11:27, Carl Sorensen wrote:
)> On 5/27/11 3:39 PM, "Nick Payne"<address@hidden>
)>> Should the order of appearance of scripts attached to different notes
)>> on chords have an effect on their vertical ordering if different
)>> script priorities have been set? If I set different script priorities
)>> for Fingering and StrokeFinger, so that fingering should be closer to
)>> the note than strokefingering, the vertical ordering is still being
)>> affected by the order in which they appear. In the example below, I
)>> have to attach all strokefingering to the last note in the chord to
)>> get it furthest from the notes, even though the fingering has a lower
)> This should probably be an enhancement request.   Scripts are attached
)> notes, not to chords, so all the scripts attached to the lowest note
)> on the chord show up beneath those attached to the highest note on
)> chord.  I can see some reasoning behind this behavior, but it would
)> certainly be nice to have it user-controllable.
)The documentation on script-priority in s.1.3.1 of the NR ("Controlling the
)vertical ordering of scripts") only mentions scripts attached to single
)notes. Maybe a sentence or two should be added regarding chords.
)Paraphrasing what you have written above: "Note that if scripts are
)attached to different notes in a chord, scripts attached to a lower note will
)always appear below scripts attached to a higher note, regardless of any
)script-priority that has been set."

[James' reply:] This is an LSR snippet.

I've checked the CG and it only talks about if the docs fail to compile, vs 
updating an LSR snippet.

Do I just go in and do this edit directly on the snippet and then send the 
email to dev?


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