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Re: Fixes NoteColumn vs SpanBar collisions. (issue 5323062)

From: Keith OHara
Subject: Re: Fixes NoteColumn vs SpanBar collisions. (issue 5323062)
Date: Tue, 1 Nov 2011 17:51:51 +0000 (UTC)
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mike <at> <mike <at>> writes:

> -) TabStaffs tend to make horizontal spacing tighter, as the average spring 
between paper columns has an
> ideal length that is shorter than that of staves comprised of normal notes.

Very true. The lack of time-signature and key-signature makes the 
start of a tablature line want to be shorter.

> -) When the default skyline-horizontal-padding for NonMusicalPaperColumns was 
#0.6, this tightened
> spacing was blocked by the left-most NonMusicalPaperColumn.

You mean skyline_vertical_padding.
You made David worry by saying -horizontal-.

The most likely blocking would be to prevent the first note
(often middle c in the regression tests) from sliding under
the time signature in the regular staff.

> Given that
> the 0.6 skyline horizontal padding is, according to the comment above it, 
only intended to block ledger
> lines from overlapping a bar line, I think that this blocking effect it has 
on horizontal spacing is an
> unintended side effect.  So, unless anyone has arguments for why the old 
behavior should be kept, I think
> this is an acceptable (and even desirable) consequence of this patch.

The value 0.6 was chosen for the case of ledger lines over bar lines,
but some (formerly hard-coded) padding was needed for various cases 
involving NonMusicalPaperColumns, not just bar lines.

If the idea is that your pure-from-neighbor stuff takes over this
job, by giving extra-spacing-height based on surroundings, just make
sure all things get the spacing they need:

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