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Re: [translations] Re: CG 5.8.3: updating committish of lsr snippets

From: Federico Bruni
Subject: Re: [translations] Re: CG 5.8.3: updating committish of lsr snippets
Date: Thu, 03 Nov 2011 09:30:25 +0100
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Il 01/11/2011 20:32, Francisco Vila ha scritto:

I do not see this output especially abnormal.  As you know, from this
output you will obtain one of

  -- changes to lilypond code.  You should ignore it.
  -- changes to translations doctitleXX or texidocXX other than yours.
Ignore those, too.
  -- changes to header strings in English other than texidoc or
doctitle. Ignore them.
  -- changes to GIT committish strings either yours or others'.  They
reflect makelsr runs made by others.  I think in general you can
ignore them.
  -- changes that show deleted snippets. Delete yours.

That leaves us with the only important changes: those in texidoc and
doctitle English strings.  Update your translations accordingly, run
makelsr, commit, use this commit ID to update the committishes in your
translations, commit this. Done.

This means that I'll have to skim all the garbage and be careful not to miss the updates that I should not ignore.
It's feasible, but not handy.

BTW we don't have a clear warning of the existence of new
translation-needing snippets.  I usually see English paragraphs in
Spanish docs and that is a sign, but it is not pleasing to find them
in already released docs.

Ok, noted.

I guess it's not. There's a lot of garbage.
I've tried the check-translation of spanish and in most (all?) of cases the
only change for each file in snippets/ is the committish.

Would it be OK if I managed to find a committish that gives a terse
check-translation output for Italian?  I think if I found one for
Spanish, that is certainly possible.  Be aware, you'll lose any
tracking information.

I don't want to lose tracking information: it's more important than having to deal with the garbage output of check-translation.

On the other hand, I thought (and still think) that the "right committish", which keeps tracking information AND gives a terse check-translation output, should exist for these files. If we can't find it, I hope that I'll fix the problem when I'll have the chance to update the files.

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