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Re: Fixes NoteColumn vs SpanBar collisions. (issue 5323062)

From: David Kastrup
Subject: Re: Fixes NoteColumn vs SpanBar collisions. (issue 5323062)
Date: Fri, 04 Nov 2011 09:02:56 +0100
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"address@hidden" <address@hidden> writes:

> On Nov 3, 2011, at 11:39 PM, address@hidden wrote:
>> File lily/ (right):
>> lily/ vector<Grob *> pures_;
>> This takes the lilypond-jargon 'pure' even further from its original
>> inspiration (a pure function that does not depend on nor change program
>> state).
>> What is a 'pure' when used as a noun?
> Grobs that are pure relevant.  I'll use "pure_relevants_" instead.

Veto.  "pure" sounds like inside jargon which one will tend to look up
in the internals guide or wherever else one can expect to (and should!)
find it.  Lilypond "pure" apparently differs from common-sense "pure",
but seems to roughly mean "an upper bound established without looking at
line break decisions".  While there _should_ be a word list of commonly
used terms in our docs, one can figure that out, somewhat painfully,
after looking at enough code.  The grammatical barrier of nouning a verb
or verbing a noun is tiny in comparison.

"pure relevant" is gibberish.  It again uses a Lilypond-specific "pure",
but tacks on another common-use word in a meaning not usually employed.

I have absolutely no idea what "grobs that are pure relevant" is
supposed to mean.  Not the fuzziest.

David Kastrup

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