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git-cl gives up too easily on failed google credentials

From: Adam Spiers
Subject: git-cl gives up too easily on failed google credentials
Date: Sun, 6 Nov 2011 09:42:28 +0000

I uploaded two more patches last night using git-cl, but due to my use
of google's 2-step authentication, both times I screwed up before
realising that I needed to create an application-specific password.
I created the issues manually, which may have resulted in labelling
issues.  This also highlighted two issues with git-cl:

1. You only get one shot at authenticating with google for issue
   creation at  Could be easily fixed by wrapping
   the (interactive) authentication process in a 'while ! authenticated'

2. You can only create a new issue there if you upload something to
   Rietveld first as part of the same invocation.  There's an option:

     -n, --no-code-issue   do not upload to

   so I guess there needs to be a complementary option:

     -N, --no-review-issue   do not upload to Rietveld

I could have tried to fix these but (a) I should have already gone to
bed and (b) I didn't know how to test them with creating an unholy
mess in Rietveld or  Hmm, I suppose adding -N for
2. would have allowed testing of a fix for 1. ...

One more question: where are issues with git-cl tracked?

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