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Re: Fixes footnote automatic numbering. (issue 4877041)

From: Reinhold Kainhofer
Subject: Re: Fixes footnote automatic numbering. (issue 4877041)
Date: Mon, 14 Nov 2011 14:32:48 +0100
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On 2011-11-14 14:24, address@hidden wrote:
Reinhold - how did you do the memory profiling on all of the regtests? I can figure out how to do it for a single file, but not the regtests in succession. This'd help me figure out where/why lilypond is fizzling out.

cd input/regression/
lilypond *.ly

(and then get the values in a separate shell by "ps aux|grep lilypond|grep -v grep")


Reinhold Kainhofer, address@hidden,
 * Financial&  Actuarial Math., Vienna Univ. of Technology, Austria
 *, DVR: 0005886
 * LilyPond, Music typesetting,

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