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Re: Adds some info about pure properties to the CG. (issue 5364048)

From: k-ohara5a5a
Subject: Re: Adds some info about pure properties to the CG. (issue 5364048)
Date: Mon, 21 Nov 2011 08:02:00 +0000
File Documentation/contributor/programming-work.itexi (right):
Documentation/contributor/programming-work.itexi:1832: a @emph{prima
face}.  If you write a pure-function, you are promising
What does 'prima face' mean?
Documentation/contributor/programming-work.itexi:1858: @var{start} and
@var{end} is facultative, as items only occupy one
'facultative' is an odd word here.  I guess you mean it in the sense of
'optional', where the user of the optional thing can turn to a
substitute if it is not provided.
Then just say start and end are optional parameters where the function
provides the defaults.
Documentation/contributor/programming-work.itexi:1861: @var{end} are
important, as we may can get a `purer' estimation of a
I'm getting confused.  "pure(lilypond)" generally means 'crappy' in the
sense of pure-height of a slur being the crappy estimate of height one
can get without triggering the line-breaking and note-spacing.  When you
say 'purer' above, you seem to be using the superlative of
"pure(English)" rather than "pure(LilyPond)".
Documentation/contributor/programming-work.itexi:1913: LilyPond is smart
enough to know if a series of chained functions are
So if one function in the series has no pure equivalent, but you call
the first function at a time when only pure functions may be called,
what is LilyPond smart enough to do?
Documentation/contributor/programming-work.itexi:1959: Pure Y values
should be used in any functions that are called before
should or must?
Documentation/contributor/programming-work.itexi:1996: overly-distort
the Y-extent of an system, which could result in a very
extra-spacing-height does not distort the Y-extent
Documentation/contributor/programming-work.itexi:1997: @q{loose} looking
score with lots of space between systems.  So, to
Prove it.
Documentation/contributor/programming-work.itexi:2041: not be changed
later in the compiling process due to other changes?
This sounds like "pure(ComputerScience)" in the sense of a function that
depends only on its arguments, not on any other program state.  Does
"pure(LilyPond)" include this concept.

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